Here are some references.

The university hospital use 60 units of folding wagons.

Utilized for floor carrier and goods table for dialysis patients(PDF)

large-sized and double table model in pink
WTAW- 2_pink
  • Folding trolley “WTAW-2_pink”
  • Mini folding cart – custom design

by courtesy of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

Yokohama CIty University Medical Center uses 15 units of folding wagons.
middle-sized & double table model


  • Folding trolley “WTAM-2”

by courtesy of Yokohama City University Medical Center

notebook computer cart
computer cart
KItano Hospital uses 30 sets of computer carts


  • Notebook computer cart – custom

by courtesy of Osaka Kitano Hospital

The Osaka hospital uses our tray/ cabinet wagons.
for operation kits
Tray/ Cabinet Wagon

Utilized as mobile cabinet, containing operation kits(PDF)

  • Tray/cabinet trolley “TKC-5V8”

by courtesy of Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital

folding wagon with bottle dripping bar
Folding Wagon with bottle dripping bar


  • Folding trolley with bottle dripping bar – custom

Hospital, May 2012

utilised in the sterilization area
tray_cabine wagon

Utilized as mobile wagon, sorting out tools & kits in the sterilization area(PDF).

Tray/cabinet trolley on the quiet castors (noise prevention) “TKC-5V8”

Hospital, November 2012

radiation room

Utilized as mobile work table in the X-ray room(PDF).

Large-sized & flat-top triple tables.  Each table can bear 45 kg.
Large-sized & flat -top wagon
  • Flat-top trolley “WGAW-3FF”, which can bear 45 kg of loads per table, 135 kg in total.

Hospital, May 2012

Tray/ Cabinet wagon
Tray/ Cabinet with bar


  • Tray cabinet with bottle dripping bar – custom

Hospital, Osaka, July 2013  

tablet computer cart
tablet computer cart


  • Computer cart “PCT-2-4”

University Hospital, Tokyo, June 2012

Utilized as in-floor carrier/ worktable(PDF) .

compact double table
  • Folding trolley “WTA-2”

Medical university, School of Nursing, Tokyo.

aluminium folding wagon model 10 kg
Aluminum wagon 7.7kg

Utilized for on-site check-ups(PDF).

  • Aluminum folding cart – custom

Hospital, Osaka

*Often check-up works on-site involves a good walk to the place, shouldering tools/ kits. Our folding wagons are ideal in that they do not occupy vehicle space, that double wheels castors secure smooth motion, and that they can pass narrow aisles.

The user asked us for lighter wagons. We designed the one made of aluminium. (Aluminum is a third as heavy as stainless.)


folded in 17 cm wide
  • Folding cart “WTA-3”

(1)noise prevention castors / (2)minimal storage space

Hospital, Osaka

cabinet unit
cabinet unit

Utilized for inventory control (PDF).

  • Tray cabinet unit “TKY-5TR”

(1) Cabinet units can stack up freely.

(2) Double-wheel castors secure smooth motion.

University hospital, Wakayama.

Tray/ cabinet wagon

General purpose in the operation’s room (PDF).

  • Tray/ cabinet trolley “TKC-5V8”

Hospital, Osaka.