TOKUYAMA, Japan make vehicles which carry, store and work medical tools and consumables.  We are especially good at manufacturing folding carts/ trolleys.  We annually manufacture 6,000 units of folding carts and trolleys of various shapes and sizes.  They’ve been long known by the users as the best quality in usability and durability in the industries from hotels/ restaurants,  to day-care facilities/ hospitals.


Office address:

556, Nakano, Shigaraki, Koka-city, Shiga-ken, Japan P.O. code 529-1835

Phone call: +81 50 3697 1675, or, +81 748 69 5542

email: eng@tokuyama-sus.co.jp


President Tokuyama

President Tetsuhide Tokuyama

Company founded in August 1969.   
Two factories in Shiga & Osaka.

Quality integrity Machine works – cut, bent, and molded – are all done by ourselves. The quality owes many to each worker’s dexterous skills.
No welding   Fastened by rivets and plastic joints.  No welding works.
Durable Users continue to use products 10 years & beyond without interruption.
Shiga Factory
Business spheres

Manufacturing of medical/ laboratory/ kitchen furniture.

Manufacturing of injection molding parts

User fields

hospitals, laboratories, hotels, restaurants,

factories, schools, nursing homes