Tokuyama News – Newsletter

Dec. 14 2015

Tokuyama News – Newsletter

Our carts have been featured on TV!

Our carts could be seen in a few scenes in a TV Show shot at Juntendo University Hospital.

“Sekai ga odoroita Nippon! Sugoidesune!! Shisatsudan”

2-hour special about Japanese nurses (Broadcast date: Oct 17 2015)



→On the corridor outside the room, next to the patient’s bed.


→Two carts can be seen stowed below the file cabinet.


→Cart is used for patient’s bed bathing equipment.


→5 carts can be seen in the Nurses Station.


Our carts have been featured in the movie “MOZU”

We checked out the movie on the release day.

And here we go, our carts can be seen in..



(On the left, next to the bed.)



(On the right, next to the bed. Front left side of the picture.)