Achievements ( Some introduction )
■ Tokyo Medical University Hospital.
■ University Hospital, Kyoto Prefectural University of    Medicine.
■ Wakayama Medical University Hospital.
■ National Hospital Organization Toneyama National Hospital.
■ MATSUSHITA Memorial Hospital.
■ Yokohama City University Medical Center.
■ Kitano Hospital, The Tazuke Kohukai Medical Research Instiute.
■ Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital.

Usage and Application Examples

Introduction to our “Low Price, High Quality” Core Products and Application Examples (Hospitals, Operation Rooms, Hospital Pharmacies etc)

Main ward

Used for transporting blood circuits for dialysis, moving blood pressure monitors for gastroenterology center and for bringing catheters, wet towels and nurse equipment to patients in long-term care wards.




Main equipment room

・Used when moving a large number of equipment to the main ward.
・Hospital pharmacy, ambulant care: Used to move infusion fluids.
・Some facilities use a customized model equipped with an infusion fluid stand.




Care facilities

・Used to bring wet towels and tea to patients.




House call dentis

Loaded on a light truck and used to place equipment in house call duties at senior care facilities.




Nursing school

Used to move instruments to class rooms and for class-room demonstrations.




Operation room

Used for placing equipment. Equipment can be placed on the cart from any direction.

Some facilities use specially designed foldable carts for operation rooms.