Punched-table trolley


Punched folding-table trolley “FOP”

  The models have φ5mm holes at 8 mm pitch on each table. The products are suited for carrying works whose bottom surface require to contact air. Each table can have 20 kg loads.


Punched table wagon WTA-2

“FOP-2” JPY90,000

Ergonomic round shapes on tables & pipes fit your hands & body just right.

  • φ5mm holes are punched at 8 mm pitch.
  • Wide-open when in use and be folded to 18 cm in thickness.
  • Double wheel castors are noise prevention type.
  • No welding.  Use rivets and plastic joints to fasten.


Tables & Pipes  stainless steel
Joints  plasticized nylon
Castors  φ100m double wheel castors with the outer tread nylon-elastomer.  Two castors in the diagonal position accompany the motion locks.
Load Capacity  20 kg per table
Duration  expected 10 – 15 years
Warranty  1 year




Open dimensions

W*D*H (mm)

Tables Weight (kg) JP Yen
Compact  FOP-2


double 12 90,000


triple 17 120,000


quadruple 25 150,000
Mid-range FOPM-2


double 15 110,000


triple 21 134,000
 FOPM-4 763*505*1540 quadruple 28 163,000
Large  FOPW-2 933*505*838 double 17 120,000
 FOPW-3 933*505*958 triple 25 150,000
 FOPW-4 933*505*1540 quadruple 31 175,000

Note. The prices are the reference values in the retail market in Japan.  For the wholesale business outside Japan, please inquire us at

eng@tokuyama-sus.co.jp.  Thanks!