Folding trolley with a bar


Trolley with a holding bar

  The “FGA-TN” models are designed to hook intravenous dripping bottles while meeting the limited storage requirement. 


FGA-2-TN JPN95,000


Ergonomic round shapes on tables and pipes fit your hands and body just right.

  • Hooks are double-sided.
  • It stays upright in the folded-position.
  • Wide-open when in use and be folded to 18 cm in thickness.
  • Double wheel castors are noise prevention type.


Tables & Pipes  stainless steel
Joints  plasticized nylon
Castors  φ100m double wheel castors with the outer tread nylon elastomer.  Two castors in the diagonal position accompany the motion locks.
Load Capacity  30 kg per table
Duration  expected 10 – 15 years
Warranty  1 year
Retail Price Values models

Open dimensions

W*D*H (mm)

Tables Weight (kg)
Compact JPY95,000  FGA-2-TN


double 13
JPY125,000  FGA-3-TN


triple 18
JPY155,000 FGA-4-TN


quad 27
Mid-range JPY115,000 FGAM-2-TN


double 16
JPY139,000 FGAM-3-TN


triple 22
JPY168,000  FGAM-4-TN 763*505*1900 quad 30
Large JPY125,000  FGAW-2-TN 933*505*1600 double 18
JPY155,000  FGAW-3-TN 933*505*1600 triple 26
JPY180,000 FGAW-4-TN 933*505*1900 quad 33

Note. The prices are the reference values in the retail market in Japan.  For the wholesale business outside Japan, please inquire us at  Thanks!