Copper “FCuAW-3-RT” wide & triple

Copper folding table wagon

“FCuAW-3-RT” JPY289,000

Ergonomic round shapes on tables & pipes fit your hands just right.

  • copper-based products, having self-sterilizing effect, are utilized to prevent in-house infection.
  • Wide-open when in use and be folded to 18 cm in thickness.
  • Double wheel casters are quiet – noise prevention type.
  • No welding. Use rivets and plastic joints to fasten.


Tables & pipes    copper alloy
Table frames    copper plate cover on aluminium 
Joints    plasticized nylon
Casters    nylon elastomer/ φ100mm double wheel castors. Two castors in the diagonal position accompany the motion locks.

FCuaW-3-RT Dimensions

Open Dimensions: W933*D505*H958 mm
Closed Dimensions: W933*D180*H1060 mm
Weight: 25kg

Table:  triple tables

Load capacity: 30kg per table

Duration: expected 10 – 15 years

Warranty: 1 year

Please ask us for more.


size variations
  • Compact – “FCuA-3-RT” JPY220,000
  • Mid-range – “FCuAM-3-RT”  JPY252,000

Copper folding table wagon variations